Monitor three circuits for the price of one!

Posted by Julian Grant on 15-Jun-2020 09:40:29

If you’ve got a PEL103 portable energy logger, you already know how useful and convenient it is for monitoring individual single- and three-phase circuits. But sometimes you want to monitor more than one circuit. If you’re a landlord, for example, you might want to monitor the circuits supplying two or three different tenants, and if you’re a facilities manager, you might want separate results for your lighting, power and HVAC circuits. You could monitor the circuits one after the other, but it’s often useful to know that the measurements on the individual circuits were all made at the same time.

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Add Wi-Fi to your PEL

Posted by Julian Grant on 09-Mar-2020 09:50:05

Connecting your PEL103 portable energy logger to a network is often a really useful thing to do, because it gives you access to all of the data collected by the PEL remotely, from any location where you have network access. And, if you have a network access point conveniently close to your PEL, all you need is a standard cable to hook it up to your network. But what if there’s no network access point near your PEL? The answer is to give your PEL WiFi capability. And that’s easy to do. This blog post will tell you how.

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Why monitor the voltage?

Posted by Julian Grant on 30-Jan-2020 12:44:57

Do you want to make your life easier when you’re carrying out energy surveys on your electrical systems? If so, here’s a suggestion you might not be expecting – don’t bother to monitor the voltage! That may seem an odd idea, but think about it for a moment.

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Why not all energy loggers are the same…

Posted by Julian Grant on 12-Dec-2019 09:51:43


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Chauvin Arnoux supports World Skills Competition

Posted by Julian Grant on 05-Nov-2019 11:27:35


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With Chauvin Arnoux, Dover College students know the drill!

Posted by Julian Grant on 15-Oct-2019 13:47:08


When repeated failures of the electronic tachometers fitted to pillar drills in the student workshop at Dover College meant that students were at risk of being unable to complete their assignments in time for assessment, the college needed to find a fast, reliable and affordable fix. Off-the-shelf digital panel meters from Chauvin Arnoux were the answer – they were available for fast delivery from stock, they were less expensive than replacements from the original manufacturer and, during more than seven months of operation, they have proved to be completely reliable.

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